Greg Baldino’s C2E2 Report #8 – Understanding Grant Morrison - And Warren Ellis Documentary Announced

Greg Baldino’s C2E2 Report #8 – Understanding Grant Morrison – And Warren Ellis Documentary Announced

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Greg Baldino continues to report from the floor of C2E2 for Bleeding Cool.

Life, plus significance, equals magic- Grant Morrison

C2E2 has seen a number of previews and announcements, and Saturday afternoon attendees were treated to a preview panel of the upcoming docuymentary Grant Morrison: Talking With Gods. On hand were Jordan Rennery, Amber Yoder, and Patrick Meaney from the film team, and Morrison’s Seaguy collaborator Cameron Stewart.

Clips were shown from the film, which spans the eras of Morrison’s career, as well as his childhood and experiences as a chaos magician. The films also features interviews with many of Morrison’s creative collaborators from in and outside of comics, including Mark Waid, Matt Fraction, Jill Thompson, Douglas Rushkoff, Richard Metzger, Phil Jimenez and many others.

In one clip shown, Morrison talks about his mother’s mystical approach to astronomy and helping his father break into nuclear bases. Viewers were also treated to images from Morrison’s “Scottish Dandy” years, and teased with hints about the writer’s experiences talking with metaphysical entities ranging from Jesus to Speedy Gonzales.

Of the magical side of Morrison’s life and how it plays in the documentary, Patrick Meaney of the project said “When you read about Grant’s experiences, they sound insane; but when you hear him describe it, it makes perfect sense.”

The panel ended with a teaser trailer for the team’s next project, produced along with documentary film maker Kevin Thurman. The clip showed a dark image of a bearded man smoking and drinking Red Bull, speaking about life and purpose and writing, ending with the words:

Warren Ellis

Captured Ghosts


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