Jonathan Ross And Tommy Lee Edwards At Forbidden Planet

Yesterday, Jonathan Ross and Tommy Lee Edwards signed Turf #1 at Forbidden Planet in London – the shop notable for taking over a thousand preorders from customer for the comic in question.

After a slight delay caused by North London roadworks, and then an interview from Leicester Square TV and local press papparazzi, the crowd flooded in. They included actor Warwick Davis who wanted to talk to Jonathan about Warwick’s new Ricky Gervais produced TV series – and possibly to get Jonathan on it. Regular FP customer and Big Issue seller, with a cat on his shoulders. And Turf cosplayers…

We also learnt that Neil Gaiman, when he visits, fills Jonathan’s bathroom with candles. And write some of his Graveyard Book there. Provenance, you see, provenance., I know some people who would kill for one of those candles….

Oh yes and I took some video… queuing:



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