Lying In The Gutters – 12th April 2010

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Tweet Of The Week: Bruce Willis just gave me a pack of SmartiesCully Hamner

Top Ten Most Popular Bleeding Cool Posts

1. The Man Who Broke Amazon

That’s right, the most popular post this week was a shot of a stack of books on their side. I think I should run another one.

2. Who Are The Secret Avengers?

Of course since that original report I’ve been given the nod that Deadpool joining Secret Avengers under Captain America- may only happen in one of the Deadpool books. Of course. So for the actual team you’ll be stuck with Beast, War Machine, Valkyrie, Nova and Moon Knight, with Captain America on point.

3. Friday Runaround – Yet More Bat Porn

Yes, it appears Bat Porn is the URL content that just keeps on giving. This full shot of the cast was popular – but it could also have been down to James Robinson most amusingly facing down Eisner nomination criticism.

4. Marvel-Cancelled Title Nominated For Hugo

Yes, that’s right, the book that couldn’t, Captain Britain And MI13, could for the big sci-fi judges.

5. Lying In The Gutters – April 5th 2010

Last week’s Lying In The Gutters. A bit circular I know, but maybe the Big Big Theory cosplay shot played a part.

6. X-Men: No More Mutants?

It was odd, two non-mutants advertising the new X-Men book. But them’s the breaks.

7. Gareb Shamus To Expand Wizard World Up To 25 Shows In 2011.

It was one of those hidden-in-the-article pieces of news that jumped up out of the screen and into its own piece. Wizard World taking on Reed and San Diego, not so much depending on quality – but on quantity!

8. OX by Bendis And Maleev – What The Hell Is It?

I guess we’ll find out on Thursday’s Attack of The Show.

9. The X-Women Of Milo Manara

Ah much more like it. Lots and lots and lots of mutants. And some of them in bikinis. here’s something very special about Milo Manara. And Chris Claremont. This book may be a comic book fetishist’s wildest dream.

10. Marvel Vs Disney – Isaac Perlmutter And Bob Iger At Odds?

The New York Times may have had the story. But Bleeding Cool has the more amusing visual.

Bubbling Under

The story that didn’t quite make the top ten – Hasbro To Debut Marvelman Figure At San Diego, pretty visuals as Jim Lee goes finger painting on the iPad, James Cameron’s treatment for Spider-Man, Gene Colan being robbed, Fox News hitting on Kick-Ass, Green Hornet deaths and a bit of Eisner fallout.

Top Five Stories You Really Should Have Read

1. Steve Bissette’s announcement of Tales Of The Uncanny, his sequelish to 1963, debuting at MoCCA and the follow up story over why 1963 will never be reprinted. Most people didn’t follow up on this. Not sure why.

2. Kimberly Cox slapping down Kill Shakespeare, as a couple of other experts try to pat it on the back and say “don’t listen to the mean lady”…

3. A new Alan Moore graphic novel Fashion Beast, his Malcolm McLaran screenplay fashioned into comics.

4. Neal Adams creating a Holocaust Memorial Comic.

5. Iron Man 2 sneak-previewing the Avengers logo in the Accutech promo.

And thanks to columns from Si Spurrier, Adi Tantimedh and Aaron And Mike from A Comic Shop.

I’ve also been providing political analysis of the upcoming UK General Election for the Daily Show blog Indecision Forever. More to come.

And I’m out again. It’s been a busy day on the Cool, probably be busier tomorrow. Let’s find out together, shall we?

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