Lone Ranger – Women In Wooden Huts?

Lone Ranger #21, last week's issue of the Dynamite Entertainment comic series of derring-do on the plains of the Wild West, has run into swampy ground over reaction to its very own "Women In Refrigerators" moment.

At the end of the issue (and yes, this necessitates spoilers), supporting character Linda Reid, sister-in-law of Lone Ranger, is attacked by Butch Cavendish's men, presumably maimed/raped/slaughtered, in front of her son Dan Reid Jr, as a way to get to the Lone Ranger. Incidentally I know that it's Linda Reid and I know her relation to the Lone Ranger because I googled her. The writer didn't choose to have anyone mention her name or her identity in the comic.

Reaction has been… well.. consistent.

3757245416_0d79c0e926_o_normal powergirlfan And boom, just like that, I'm dropping "Lone Ranger." Honestly–ANOTHER female character maimed (or worse) just so the "hero" can "avenge"? @gailsimone Have you read the latest ish of "Lone Ranger"? What a waste of a once great comic. Now it's destined for an entry in WIR.

Gl_normal DonnySparrow Best comic this week: Superman Secret Origin. Worst, by far: Lone Ranger. Breaks my heart–started out so promisingly. Then just got ugly

2828646721_cc31d873b9_b_normal CarlottaSivana No one was reading Lone Ranger anyway. If raping or maiming a periphery female character is their way of getting new readers, I'm done too. @gailsimone What's your opinion on the latest issue of Lone Ranger? If you haven't seen it, read it but DON'T BUY IT!

3769465785_da002cd348_o_normal dianaprincefan @gailsimone was right, and the new Lone Ranger comic proves it–there is a misogynistic streak in far too many comic writers. It's gross.I wasn't reading Lone Ranger, either, but I sure as hell won't start now. I'm dropping ALL my Dynamite Comics titles.

Jeroen-krabbe-witte-doek-transporter_normal devlinmacgregor I'd really like to see what @gailsimone has to say about the new issue of Lone Ranger. It would seem to fit perfectly with WIR-such a waste

Picture_or_video_179_normal GailSimone

Why are gillions of people IMing me about Lone Ranger all of a sudden?

Kybobcat_normal kybobcat

Another Woman-In-Refrigerator moment

3757245416_0d79c0e926_o_normal powergirlfan Well said– the crap in that last issue of Lone Ranger was just as bad as what happened in GL all those years ago. But Lone Ranger doesn't have any excuse–this idea has been done to death, and is quite indefensible now. It's lazy writing.

Charlie_brown_normal MadModMonkey Also Just finished Lone Ranger & Tonto #3 which I enjoyed but I'm hearing s lot of negative feedback re: thr monthly books last issue.

Gl_normal DonnySparrow @MadModMonkey Yeah, Lone Ranger is DONE as far as I'm concerned. I was on the fence for a few issues, but that last one did me in. G'bye.

Until we read next issue and discover than Ms Reid 's NOOOOO! was just reading news that Johnny Depp is still meant to be playing Tonto in an upcoming movie version, of course.

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