Flash Comics #1 (9.6 CGC) Sells For $450,000

Posted by March 16, 2010 Comment

Until a month ago, no comic book had quite sold this much. But after the success of 1930s comics Action Comics #1 and Detective Comics #27, featuring the first appearance of Superman and Batman respectively, it’s a whole new world. And now Flash Comics #1, featuring the first appearance of the Flash from 1940 has sold for almost half a million, from Heritage Auctions.

Previously in 2006, this copy had been sold for $273,125.

While not as prominent a character as Superman or Batman, this issue was in remarkably good condition for its age, reflected by the Certified Guaranty Company preservation judgement of 9.6 – many comic books published today aren’t that well preserved when they’d been put on the comic book shelf. It was part of the famous Edgar Church “Mile High” Collection.

Of course I hear word that there’s a monster of a comic on the way that may put shame to all of these successful sales. More in an hour.

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