MillerWorld – Now Frank Miller’s Site Launches

Frank Miller has launched his own website, Frank Miller Ink.

His first post to the site’s central blog is in memorium to Brittany Murphy, an actress who appeared in Sin City but who died late last year. Angered by media coverage in the aftermath of her death he writes;

I’ve lost a dear friend and an inspiring colleague. And now I read of her summed up as nothing but a tired sob-story cliche, lumped like a sack of shit atop other sacks of shit, dropped into a Hollywood dumpster, branded as a drug casualty. I am disgusted.

I testify that I never saw a hint of any such drug use on the set, nor anywhere else.

And I wouldn’t give a damn if every last scurrilous rumor about her were true. Brittany Murphy was a superb actress. Nothing else about her is anybody’s damn business.

She deserves better than the sort of shabby media portrayal she’s received, whatever the coroner found in her corpse.

Miller states that the site is intended “for me to show off occasional artwork, to update you on new works in progress, and to offer up commentary on all manner of things. I’m hoping we can enjoy some lively give-and-take, as well.”

Oh boy.

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