Lying In The Gutters – 1st March 2010

Trying something different with Lying In the Gutters. Mostly cos I was so busy with stories, I missed doing last week's column. So this week I'm listing a Top Twenty of the most read stories over the last two weeks. I'll try and do a Top Ten every week. If this goes down well…

1. Shots From The Batman Porn Set – Seriously, you want to get a lot of hits? Put Batman and Porn in the URL and keep it SFW.

2. Swipe File: Nick Simmons Vs Bleach – Radical Comments – getting Radical to go on the record helped give this piece a unique twist. And iut's nice to see the Swipe File infecting the rest of the internet now.

3. Here Are Your Avengers – not quite a story, more a pretty picture confirming that, yes, even in the Heroic Age, Wolverine will still be a bloody Avenger.

4. Wait Till They Get A Load On Me – More Batporn shots. And I have to say, they do look good. All SFW.

5. Don Murphy Responds To Kevin O'Neill – the story where Kevin O'Neill talks about Black Dossier? At No. 9.  Don Murphy's response? No. 5. People like the snark..

6. DC Announced New Publisher. All Five Of Them – See, you don't need news news to get good coverage, just rewrite a press release and add a tiny bit of perspective.

7. A Captain American Workplace – Okay this was just lazy. Shot of the guy from The Office, a bad pun title and almost no words at all. And madness.

8. Swipe File: Diane Nelson And The DC High Five – And this was just a cheap gag. A really lazy cheap gag.

9. How DC Co-Publisher Jim Lee Saved The Black Dossier – Cut and pasting from a Comics Journal, as Kevin O'Neill explains just what happened with the Black Dossier anyway.

10. Mark Millar Talks About His Aborted Superman Project – and this was a link to a video I couldn't even watch where I was writing the piece, I just hoped that what I was saying about it was justified. Seems so. I really should get round to watching it…

11. Talking About DC Comics And Stuff – A nice long piece looking at the state of play of DC Comics after the DC High Five announcement. A lot of sound and fury signifying I didn't have a lot to say but damn I was going to try and find a fun way to say it.

12. Talking To DC About Stuff And That – This was my up-till-3am-working moment as the new executives of DC Comics reached out an olive branch. And one I seized with both hands, if feeling a little blurry. Okay, this is worthy of inclusion in the top twenty. Good.

13. Goyer To Create Film Based on John Byrne's Superman – Okay, I knew this was going to be a bit of a trouble making one. And by putting Taco and Millar's comments together… well, yes I probably knew it wasn't going to end there/ John Byrne though? Remarkably restrained.

14. Kitty's Back And You're Gonna Be In Trouble – Again, repurposing a Marvel PR piece, but I hope I gave it some geeky context. And the breaking down of the cover was just cool…

15. Lying In The Gutters 15th February – sorry guys, I won't leave it so long next time. Welcome to the first and only partially-recursive entry in the list.

16. Four Million Comics For Sale – as one tweeter put it "My wife would kill me".

17. The First Million Dollar Comic Book – and the second a few days later..

18. Avatar Plug Of The Week – Captain Swing And The Electrical Pirates Of cindery Island – see, people DO like the plugs of the week – especially when it's new Warren Ellis stuff.

19. Neal Adams To Work On Wolverine – Probably didn't have enough time to work up steam, but it was a damn fine story for the weekend. Hey, it may end up in next week's chart too.

20. Friday Runaround – The Day After DC Did Things – See, this is what happens when you anaylse things after having a sleep. A catch up on everyone else's conversations with DC.

Bubbling under… Stephen Fry, Grant Morrison and Paul McGuigan's new TV project, the Marveling up of Disney executives, talking to Wildstorm and why you should never send big comics to Belgium.

Stories that too many people missed:

1. Classical Comics using proper voice actors in motion comics – with Sir Derek Jacobi and Juliet Stevenson

2. A new Beanworld story from Larry Marder.

3. A Make Money Fast opportunity that over two hundred Little Bleeders took advantage of, before it disappeared.

4. A Stan Lee publisher (probably Boom!) and their new viral campaign,

5. A European Union propaganda comic that's free and rather good,

6. Graphic.Ly buying iFanboy,

7. My review of Crossed #9,

8. An interview with Garth about Crossed

9. The announcement that David Lapham was writing new Crossed.

10. The first graphic novelist killer and a spooky coincidence a few days later.

And five things I should have linked to but didn't –

1. A teenage girl overcoming issues with her dentist to create the graphic novel, Smile.

2. Comic Alliance's Which Lantern Are You?

3. Robot 6's look at how the DC High Five are smooth talking creators who have parted from DC of late, including Warren Ellis and Andy Diggle.

4. Heidi MacDonald discover Mighty Boosh toys. Hmmm, I knew I should have emailed her when she said she thought they didn't exist. Buy them here, Heidi, buy them here.

5. Axecop. What can I say, I kept meaning to link for ages and never did. If you've never encountered the joys of a comic book written by a five year old and drawn by a 29 year old, strap yourself in.

So what do you think? Should I keep the same format next week?

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