New Free Lantern Ring Promotion Necessitates Mutation In Human Genome

Posted by February 24, 2010 Comment

DC announced their new promotional giveaway, the White Lantern Ring, available in conjunction with Brightest Day #1.

Which means there are now nine Lantern giveaway rings – Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Indigo, Sapphire, Green, Black and White. But you’re only got eight fingers. And, chunky though they are, it’s still a squeeze to get them over a knuckle ring, Anyway, it looks weird.

No, the only option is to alter your DNA and grow an extra finger. Maybe one on each hand, to accomodate the Flash Ring while you’re at it.

Or you could always steal someone else’s finger and graft it on. Your call.

DC are also adding White Rings to the already-solicited Power Ring Spectrum Set premium product at no extra charge,

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