Tuesday Runaround – Prize, Cries And Naked Thighs

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PrizeWatch: The LA Times has names the finalists for the first Graphic Novel category in their annual Book Prize. The nominated are Gilbert Hernandez for Luba, Taiyo Matsumoto for GoGo Monster, David Mazzucchelli for Asterios Polyp, Bryan Lee O’Malley for Scott Pilgrim and Joe Sacco for Footnotes in Gaza. The award winners will be announced on April 23rd.

IndiaWatch: The Asian branch of Cartoon Network are adapting the Amar Chitra Katha epic muthology comic books into feature-length animated shows, to be broadcast later this year.

DCHighFiveWatch: Dan DiDio gets a tongue-lashing over, well, his reported tongue-lashings, by retailer Brian Hibbs;

I remember Dan angrily yelling at me (I nearly typed “screaming”, but that’s maybe a touch too strong) on the floor at WonderCon… ’07 was it? when I questioned how they handled the solicitation process for COUNTDOWN. I mean on the floor of the con, seriously.

I also remember the ComicsPRO meeting where a bunch of concerned retailers from, let’s call them Red States, were really upset about the content that was going into ostensibly “code approved” DCU titles — the drug use in that issue of FLASH, the “God damn”S and so on, and, again, Dan get utterly dismissed these concerns as having any validity whatsoever. I mean, at all — “it’s nothing worse than prime time TV”, I think was the phrasing? Angry raised voices again.

ConWatch: Everyone seems to be reporting on the possible move of San Diego Comic Con to Anaheim. So much coverage, in such a little time, I smell the blood of a PR negotiating tactic on behalf of one of the parties…

StanWatch: Waxy.org Skype-interviews cartoonist Ted Rall about the current state of comics journalism in Afghanistan.

: Let’s hav a quick look as Ms. Rice…

PenisWatch: I used ChatRoulette.com to completely shill for Chase Variant last night. Sold six copies, saw eighteen erect penises. Is that a good ratio?

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