Saturday Runaround – Beating The Belgians

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BelgiumWatch: A Little Bleeder writes concerning yesterday’s story about Belgium Vs Strangers In Paradise Omnibus

I just wanted to let you know that today I received my replacement copy of volume 2 and a new slipcase.

Carefully delivered by the good people of FedEx.

The original package was send through UPS. The problem there is that they don’t have a UPS office in Belgium so they hand over their packages to the Belgian post office. And it’s there that things go wrong. They have their own customs officers, and clearly they are a bunch of frustrated people who take pleasure in destroying other people’s items.

The package from UPS took 6 weeks to arrive, damaged and charged with extra taxes (taxes charged after they destroyed the goods, mind you).

The package from FedEx took 5 days to arrive, unopened, in perfect mint condition and without additional taxes charged.

So a good advice to my fellow Belgian citizens: always get your packages from outside of the EU delivered by FedEx, or another company, to make sure it never gets in the hands of the customs officers at the Belgian Post.

DCWatch: The NY Times piece referred to earlier today, maybe we should start an Bleeding Cool appeal to buy Geoff a shirt with a collar for such occasions…

TwilghtWatch: Looks like geek guys will be getting even less now that Twilight has Destroyed Sex even more than before with these male sex dolls. Just be grateful they’ve sold out.

Can’t you just cover a mattress in glitter and stick a cucumber through the middle?

LongshotComicsWatch: A more architechtural take on Amazing Spider-Man #122 from art teacher Robt Seda-Schreiber for the Covered blog.

AllenTown Comic Con is a new small comics convention scheduled for April 3rd in Pennsylvania. How long before Wizard buy them?

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