Thursday Runaround – Films Open, Shops Close…

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FishWatch: NPR totally and utterly geeks out over the return of Aquaman in Blackest Night. Seriously. It’s embarrassing.

BAD NEWS! This New Direction Leads to an Aquaman Who Isn’t Aquaman, and The Guy Who Used to be Aquaman Having A SQUID FOR A FACE

ChaseWatch: A few reviews or mini-reviews of Chase Variant, out from Image today/yesterday. You like me, you really like me.

Graphic/Ly’s Micah Baldwin goes into detail about the iFanboy purchase on his blog. Indeed, it sounds more like an old fashioned courtship.

In December, I went out to New York to meet with Marvel and a couple of other publishers and met with Ron, Josh and Conor for dinner. We talked for a couple of hours about what we collectively saw as the future of the comic industry.

There was no doubt that we were all of like mind, and more importantly, actually liked each other.

FilmWatch: In another courtship, Toronto seems to love the arrival of comic-to-movie Red… but it really is all about the tax breaks.

Jake Myers, the executive producer of Red, made Chicago in Toronto, along with Hollywoodland, and said it’s good to be back.

“I haven’t been here since 2004,” he added. “The new enhanced incentives brought us here. You wouldn’t choose to come to the north in winter unless there was a good reason. You don’t make a movie anymore without soft money.”

The “soft money” comes from a change last summer in the Ontario Production Service Tax Credit, which now covers 25% of all eligible production costs. “The phone started to ring rather quickly,” said Karen Thorne-Stone, chief executive of the Ontario Media Development Corporation.

Will Frank Miller’s Ronin come off the back of The Losers? Sylvain White is taking his time;

There have been drafts that were ready to go supposedly but I want to take my time to make sure that it’s just good. The fanbase out there for this particularly iconic graphic (novel) is scrutinizing the project and I also don’t want to let them down

FilmWatch3: IGN shows off some Kick-Ass designs….

ShopWatch: A Baton Rouge comic shop closes

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