3D Doctor Who Trailer To Run In Cinemas Before Alice In Wonderland

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I’m hopefully seeing Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland this Friday. It’s a preview screening, so I don’t know if they’ll be running the trailers before it that will be seen in cinemas. If, of course, it is seen in cinemas.

But if everything does get sorted out, I understand that the BBC will be running a new teaser for the fifth series of Doctor Who starring Matt Smith airing later this year.

And it’s in 3D.

The same trailer in 2D will be shown on BBC1 this Saturday at 18.29 GMT and likely YouTubed seven seconds afterwards.

Brits only I expect though – unless BBC America can get their act in gear in time. Why not contact them and ask?

And no, the next series of Doctor Who won’t be in 3D. Not the next series anyway.

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