Wizard Herd Reality Stars Around North America Like The Cattle They Are

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So you sign up for a reality show. Maybe you’re an exhibitionist, maybe you reckon you might get a few media-friendly jobs out of it, maybe you’ll be able to marry a footballer or something. Maybe you’re really bored.

But little did you know you’d be placed on a podium and taken to geekfests to be gawped at while people ask you if you were in Battlestar Galactica.

Wizard World Toronto Comic Con will debut the Reality Stars pavilion presented by ISawYouOnTV.com packed with American reality TV… can I use the word “stars” in this sentence? Oh go on then. Stars.

These include Natalie White, the winner of Survivor Samoa, Tara-Jean Popwich, the winner of So You Think You Can Dance Canada, with runner-up Vincent Desjardins, Meghan Rickey & Cheyne Whitney, the winners of Amazing Race 15, Jonny Fairplay of Survivor: Pearl Islands and Survivor: Micronesia, Jessie Godderz of Big Brother USA 10 and 11, Mikey Bustos runner-up of Canadian Idol and Murtz Jaffer, the host of Reality Obsessed

Am I the only one who is reminded of The Office Christmas Specials?

Apparently ISawYouOnTV.com is partly owned by Rupert Boneham, one of the original Survivor reality stars, who appeared in Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains last week…

The Wizard World Toronto Comic Con starts March 26th until March 28th. There will be comics in there somewhere, they promise.

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