Speculator Corner: Whatever Happened To Crossed #1 Auxiliary Edition?

Speculator Corner: Whatever Happened To Crossed #1 Auxiliary Edition?

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Avatar creates a nunber of variant covers for its comic books. It’s part of its publishing plan, and has a long history of finding new twists on the concept. Such as regular “Auxiliary” editions of the comics, offering a new cover a couple of months later to freshen the market and demand for those issues and keep the comic on the shelf.

Pictured is the cover to Crossed #1 Auxiliary. Originally released in February 2009, it’s likely you never saw it as the comic was lost mid-distribution. A few copies were eventually discovered and allocated to certain stores, but most are somewhere in the back of a warehouse, possibly mislabelled as excess copies of Tiny Titans #6. Which will cause someone a shock in months to come.

As a result, many stores who ordered copies got none. There were only 650 copies that reached stores.

So if you are lucky enough to own a copy, now would be a very good day to put it on eBay…

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