Dawn Richard Launches New Danity Kane Manga

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I do not know who Dawn Richard is. I do not know what Danity Kane is. Thankfully there is Wikipedia.

A MTV Reality TV show-created singing group from 2005, that achieved success in the USA but announced their split early last year. Richard is now a member of the group Dirty Money. Haven’t heard of them either.

Apparently Danity Kane was named after one of Dawn’s manga characters – a keen cartoonist – and it seems that aspect has not died. Richard has signed a deal with eigoManga for a new Danity Kane manga series.

Of course Richard is not actually writing or drawing the series. That’ll be down to Natasha McGough and Kim Jimin.

The book is described;

Danity Kane is a story about a naive yet powerful youth sent from a distant planet to liberate her people while combating a secret war between them and their oppressors which has spilled onto Earth.

I have to say, despite my propensity for snark here, it does look rather nice…

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