Lying In The Gutters – 15th February 2010

Four Things I Didn’t Link To This Weekend But Should Have:

1. Neil Gaiman pwning Boing Boing.

2. Comics Alliance’s Cerebus Valentines by Chris Murphy and Laura Hudson.

3. Apologies for Kevin Smith getting booted from a plane for being too large.

4. Marvel editor Tim Quinn’s tale of being reunited with a childhood comic books decades, and thousands of miles away.

So what else has been happening on the Cool this week?

The Captain America #602 story kicked off here before becoming big news, big comment and big business all over the place… and Boom! look like they hope they’ll get the same!

I looked at the various strata of speculation, the Fifty, Forty and Thirty Dollar Clubs, as the Comics Journal called me the face of evil.

I asked about possible new DC publishers before getting pwned by Nikki, Tom DeFalco talked new Spider-Girl and I got an inkling into how the Brightest Day logo will be used

As Chris Nolan rebooted Superman, and Red‘s filming called the cops, I had exclusive script reviews of two superhero pilot shows, ABC’s No Ordinary Heroes and NBC’s The Cape.

I looked at Free Comic Book Day controversies, sex in comics (or a lack of it), Hercules future and a late look at Angouleme.

Mark Millar auctioned Nemesis naming rights again, I found the previous winner, and looked at Kick Ass toys…

There were more truck problems for Diamond, Gareb Shamus is bringing his bezzy mate Ari Arad to Wizard World Anaheim Comic Con and Kevin Smith is killing off Green Hornet characters.

There were fights over Alice In Wonderland, number crunching with Alan Moore’s Dodgem Logic #2, Lemar involved in comic book swipe files,

We enjoyed watching Guy Davis draw Judge Dredd, reading about the Amazing Absorbing Boy and new Iraq War graphic novel, The Stan and Gulf War graphic novel, Arts And Mines.

Aquaman hid his possibly-missing hand as Geoff Johns makes a Bleeding Cool injoke at DC’s The Source.

And then there was a a guilty plea for owning comic books that got the defendant six months jailtime or chance $250,00 fine and fifteen years – his call. Not yours.

And we enjoyed columns from Nevs Coleman (with a bit of background), Si Spurrier and Alasdair Stuart.

Happy birthday to Warren Ellis for tomorrow, I’m off to get my girls out of the bath, then watch Glee with the good lady. Why, what have you got planned.

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