Boom! To Enrage Right-Wing Blogosphere With REPUGLICANS…

Looks like someone’s thought to give Marvel, Ed Brubaker and Captain America #602 a little bit of a breather. Boom! Studios, as part of their new BoomTown imprint, are publishing Repuglicans!, a series of caricatures of well known US Republican politicians, with commentary for each, in the manner of a 1950 B-Movie.

The press release states;

Pete Von Sholly and Steve Tatham bring you a completely unfair and not balanced take on Republican Party leaders and apparatchiks. Sarah Palin, John McCain, Glenn Beck and others all unveiled as vampires, freaks, and zombies.

Oh right wing blogosphere? Yours for the taking, I believe.

I once wrote the copy for IDW’s George Bush And The Weapons Of Mass Distraction trading card set and, while clearly a biased publishing decision, I took care to skewer some from the other side as well. This appears to be even more one sided.

Look for Boom Town to follow up with an equivalent for the Democrats to avoid allegations of bias – Demoncrats? Democreatures? Democretins? Democruds?

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