Saturday Runaround - Suing Stan, Designing Dodgem,

Saturday Runaround – Suing Stan, Designing Dodgem,

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ExclelsiorWatch: Stan Lee is being sued by legal firm Lavely & Singer for what they claim are unpaid bills stretching back to 2007. The lawsuit begins…

Similar to the flawed comic book super-heros he created, Stan Lee has demonstrated his own flaws by his failure to honor his agreements.

Maybe Stan should give Matt a call…

TeaPartyWatch: Robot 6 runs an open letter to Warner Todd Huston, the man who kicked off the Captain America #602 furore, welcoming him to comics. Warner then replies in the comics, describing himself as a long time comic reader and, well, kicking off.

Gosh, little lady. Thanks for the welcome. Now whut is this comix thingie all about again?

So, thanks for your open letter. But I have a little hint for you on writing. Next time you want to write about a real person as opposed to the fictional types you usually write about, pick up a phone or try to drop an email to your subject. It might make you look a tad less foolish.

LOL. Well, apparently I’m not a politically correct sort of groveller like you there Justie. Don’t care to be “sweet” either. And why in hell would I be “unbiased”??? We ARE talking about my own opinion here, after all. How could I BE “unbiased.” Get a clue, will ya pal?

And then it just all goes to hell.

KidsWatch: Mrs Badger And Mrs Fox is a new children’s comic book that tackles the topic of blended families through animal anthromorphism. What a very good idea.

ColumnistWatch: MediaBistro plugs Alex De Campi’s Valentine.

MooreWatch: Designer John Coulthart has been commissioned to design the cover of Dodgem Logic #4.

eBayWatch: I just sold my copy of Captain America #602 for $27. Another copy went for $33. Looks like we have a new addition to the Thirty Dollar Club

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