Batman And Robin #8 - A British Glossary

Batman And Robin #8 – A British Glossary

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The Glossary for Batman And Robin #7 went down so well, I thought I’d do it again for #8, as the UK-set adventure continues it’s foray through accent and pop culture culture. Not as much this issue, there’s too much fighting to be had…

Page 1: Chimney sweep boys, a common occupation for working class boys in the eighteenth and nineteenth century, climbing up and down chimneys to clean them of soot. Immortalised in mockney musicana such as the mentioned Mary Poppins.

Bruno Mannheim was the gangster given new life by Darkseid and killed by Batwoman in 52. Darkseid’s hand is on much of this issue.

Page 2, “Wor” = our, in the Geordie accent of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.

“Knackers” =testicles

“Divvent ye knaa” = Don’t you know

Page 11, panel – another misplaced speech balloon. “Gnn! Get him! Somebody” should be said by Dick Grayson Batman not new evil Batman.

Page 12. “Why aye!” – Geordie greeting/exclamation.

“Nee” – no,

“Nivver” – Never,

“Clarty paws” – muddy hands.

Page 13, “Gan yem” – Go home.

Page 19, “Howay pet”, Geordie exclamation. Usually used towards a woman, child or loved one.

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