Number Crunching: Dodgem Logic #2 by Alan Moore And Friends

What is it again? Dodgem Logic #2, a magazine about stuff, by Alan Moore and friends.

Cost? £2.50

What’s that in American money? About $4.

More with shipping charges? Probably.

Covers? 3.

Alan Moore has done a magazine with variant covers? Bet he got the idea from Avatar. He labels them as well. Cover 1, cover 2, cover 3, each featuring one of the burlesque dancers from the Dodgem Logic launch party, Khandie Khisses, Darkteader and Luli Blue, on the front and, ahem, back.

Which cover did you buy? Khandie Khisses.

Why? She follows me on Twitter.

Good enough reason. Page count? 60.

Break that down for me. 44 for the magazine, 8 for the News From Noho section and 8 from Alan Moore’s insert comic book.

His what? His eight page insert colour comic book. It’s written and drawn by Alan and resembles the golden age of Zap! Comix to a wonderful degree.

What’s the mini-comic called? Astounding Weird Penises.

Moving on… No, it’s really good. Funny and very detailed.

Especially the penises? Especially the penises.

How many pages does Alan Moore write? Including the penises?

Yes, including the bloody penises. 15. Including an ultra-detailed indicia which is Viz-funny. But you can feel his finger prints everywhere.

How many pages does Melinda Gebbie write? 3, with lots of photos of burlesque dancers by Mitch Jenkins.

Nipple count: 1 real, 61 drawn (59 by Alan, 2 by Kevin O’Neill)

Did you really just count all the nipples in a comic book? It was that or watch The Real Hustle.

Best bit? Steve Moore’s look at the fortean history of Northamptonshire. Utterly mesmerising.

Yes… about that. How many pages are about Northampton? 10, including the Notes From Noho section.

Okay, that’s acceptable. I glad to hear it, you geographic snob.

Oy! Percentage of the magazine you really really enjoyed? 60%

Percentage of the magazine you quite enjoyed? 20%

Percentage of the magazine you were repulsed by, got bored by, or skipped over? 20%

Is it value for money? Oh hell yes.

Pages that will haunt you into the dark, dark lonely night? 5

Pages that you may recall in the dark night for other, possibly more salacious reasons? 3

Including the Khandie Khisses cover? Possibly.

Front or back? Go away.

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