Hot Comics – The Thirty Dollar Club (Feb 2010)

Bleeding Cool has run a couple of pieces, The Fifty Dollar Club and The Forty Dollar Club, recording recent sales of recently published comic books that are way above their original retail price. Well now we go down the next notch. If you've got any copies of the following littering your longboxes, why not help ease your own current run-in with the recession?

Birds of Prey #8 $39.99. The  Nightwing and Oracle kissing episode. Who knew that such a romantic liason would see fanboys open their wallets to such an extent?

Amazing Spider-Man #238  $39.99. The first appearance of the Hobgoblin, made all the more desirable if it still has the transfer tattoos that came free, stapled inside.

Strangers In Paradise #1 $39.99.  A genuine rarity here, published by Antarctic Press as a three issue mini-series that preceded the ongoing indie favourite. If this gets a whiff of a movie deal its rarity means it will hit the stratosphere.

Fables #1 $39.95. Grimm Fairy Tales with slightly fewer tits. Another one with a TV deal, and a rapid fanbase.

Encyclopaedica Deadpoolica $37.75. From Deadpool month, a low-ordered supporting comic book to the series that was already suffering low orders. And now Deadpool is hotter than the a car bonnet in the Sahara at noon…

Travels With Thomas House. A mini comic Mark Beyer, only 8 pages long. Per page, this is even hotter. $37.66

Unity 2000 #3 $36. Jim Shooter's return to the Valiant titles with Dark Horse seems a good excuse for a bit of a Valiant bump…

Walking Dead #4 $36. Urrr… urrr… urrrr…

Walt Disney's Uncle Scrooge Comic Book #319 $35.85. The first of the Gemstone issues of the Disney books.

Tism Comics #1 $35.67. An Australian anthology comic by a bucnhc of avant garde musicians/performers/artists. A bit like KLF but with tins of lager.

Amazing Spider-Man #583 $35 – Wow. Obama popularity is really slipping. This used to be a $100 book. Now… not so much.

Sonic The Hedgehog #6 $35. It's a comic about Sonic The Hedgehog.

Sonic The Hedgehog #7 $35. And another.

Walt Disney's Comics #636 $35. A few ducks.

Cavewoman #1 $34.99. A cavewoman.

Invincible #1 $34.95 – Robert Kirkman's Walking Dead may be booming, but Invincible is slipping somewhat here…

Resident Evil #1 $34.95. Giveaway comic from Marvel and Capcom back in the day. Now a gamer's dream.

Uncanny X-Men #266 – $33. The first appearance of Gambit. Apart from the X-Men Annual. But that was supposed to have come out after #266. Hmm. Anyway, that Gambit movie action has seen this take a jump.

Best Cellars #1 $32.56. Featuring a proto-version of The Goon by Eric Powell. And a little on the desirable side as a result.

New Mutants #87 $32. Rob Liefeld's relaunch of New Mutants with Louise Simonson. From this runw ould see Deadpool, Cable, Shatterstar and some very odd anatomy.

30 Days Of Night 1 – $31. Steve Niles and Ben Templesmith's series that made both of them and kicked IDW into people's faces as well.

San Diego Comic Con #2 $31.00 – First appearance of Hellboy.

Deadpool #55 – $31 More Punisher action with the Deadpool boy.

Preacher #1 $30.99. The first of the great Western-esque supernatural horror comedy series from Ennis and Dillon. Still making friends.

Magnus Robot Fighter #1 $30.51. Yeah, you see? Jim Shooter Valiant revival happening…

Batman: Killing Joke $30.44. The quintessential Batman title, that posits the similarities between Batman and the Joker as fictional constructs and plays their moral differences more as a quirk of fate. The biggest influence on The Dark Knight movie.

Incredible Hulk #340 $30. Wolverine crossover and Todd McFarlane's coming of age as he inked himself too lightly and they turned up the contrast. The result was sensational. The only comic I've ever shoplifted. Well, the dealer was selling it for £10 so who was the real thief? Me or him? Okay it was me. Sorry.

Sonic The Hedgehog #14 $30. More speeding hedgehogs.

Sonic The Hedgehog #15 $30. And more.

Black Panther #23 $30 Deadpool. Deadpool Deadpool Deadpool Deadpool.

Ultimate Spider-Man #5 $30. Orders had reduced on this title. Demand had not. Basic economics.

What If? #105 $32.56. The first appearance of May Parker, Spider-Girl. Now she's getting her own series again, look for this one to get a little more attention.

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