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PoliticsWatch: According to the Publius Forum, Marvel Comics are using the Captain America comics to accuse people who attend the so-called “Tea Party” gatherings of being dangerous racists.

So, there you have it, America. Tea Party protesters just “hate the government,” they are racists, they are all white folks, they are angry, and they associate with secretive white supremacist groups that want to over throw the U.S. government.

Well done, Marvel, keep it up.

TV Watch: David Bishop, writer and ex-editor of 2000ADis writing an episode of a soap opera on BBC1 later this afternoon, Doctors, at 1.45pm, is a long running medical soap and writers have included Paul Cornell and, well, pretty much every jobbing TV writer in Britain. The episode is entitled A Pill For Every Ill.

Does that include the 2 T Fru T plague, David?

ConWatch: Who’s the best at playing with stuff for comics conventions?

I only ask because days after I reported on Wizard signing up card game tournaments with Magic and the like, it seems that official Warhammer Fantasy Battle and Warhammer 40K tabletop gaming tournaments will also take place across the shows, starting with Toronto Wizard World Comic Con.

Simultaneously, the New York Comic Con organised by Reed is doing a deal with to increase toy manufacturers’ presence, events and programming at the NYCC, including a major toy pavilion.

At some point, someone’s going to mention comics. I’m sure of it.

: NPR recently ran an enlightening piece about the fanbase of TV show Chuck.

One viewer even suggested…  that viewers boycott the show — the show they worked so hard to save last spring, and will soon be put in the position of trying to save again — to try to force showrunners Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak to write the story they want told. It was proposed that if viewership could be suppressed enough, it would “send a message” because the advertisers would panic.

How, I wonder, is this supposed to work? The show tanks, the advertisers complain, and the network calls in the creators of your favorite show to answer to the guys who buy ad time to sell you minivans, and the minivan guy gives the showrunners what-for about how they’d better shape up? This is how you will get great television? When the writers are being manhandled by the minivan guy?

Feels very familiar doesn’t it?

ValentineWatch: The Advocate have a great idea for Valentine’s Day.

If he’s really into comics, pick up the latest graphic novel at the local comic book store or maybe a great animated DVD. Go for a gift that shows you listen and enjoy your partner’s company outside of the bedroom.

That’s great, buy him a copy of Tarot or the Animated Watchmen.

Wired run a small feature piece
 on PanelFly’s iPad comic book reader.

The iPad screen is just short of ten inches on the diagonal. The Standard American Comic Book measures 17 x 26cm (6 ⅝ × 10 ¼-inches), which comes to 12.2-inches on the diagonal. That’s a lot closer than any other hi-resolution, slab-like media viewer.

And then run a piece on Bob Fingerman’s new post-apocalyptic graphic novel From The Ashes.

Maybe next Wired will start running silhouette Avengers promos?

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