Wizard Announce Mars Comic Con

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Earlier today, Heidi MacDonald posted;

Everyone was wondering when the Wizard World tour would leave the continent, but Gareb Shamus has done everyone one better by announcing that the Helium Super-Card Mini-Con will henceforth be known as the Mars Comic Con Wizard World Interplanetary convention

While this was a scoop of sorts, she exposed her poor journalistic skills by getting many of the details wrong, including a logo clearly fabricated by Ben McCool on Microsoft Paint. Bleeding Cool is pleased not only to run the real logo but also the correct press release.


Don’t miss Mars Comic Con

Wizard launches new Comic Con territory and announces Guest of Honor

The news of Mars Comic Con Wizard World Convention was scooped today by
Heidi MacDonald. Wizard was originally distraught over the covert con plans
being announced early, but has confirmed the rumor and is making the most of
the early announcement.

“We have been working on this Mars show for some time now, and although we
wanted to break the news here at wizardworld.com, I am flattered and honored
that Heidi was able to get the scoop and post it on her new blog,” said
Gareb Shamus, CEO of Wizard.

“I have to find the internal leak, either here at Wizard or over at NASA, as everyone was sworn to secrecy, but I want to say to all our fans, ‘See ya in space!’ Also, we may have
additional interplanetary announcements forthcoming.”

The first confirmed guest for the inaugural Mars Comic Con is J’onn J’onzz,
aka Martian Manhunter. Some of his super powers include Martian vision, flight, super-strength, super-speed, super-breath and invulnerability.

“I can’t wait to return to the planet I was born on, yet avoided returning
to since I discovered delicious cookies here on Earth,” said  J’onzz, the
Martian Manhunter of Mars. “Gareb’s giving me a chance for a triumphant
homecoming, and I can’t thank him enough. I just hope DC resurrects me by

Dates and venue will be announced shortly. Tickets will be on sale soon.
Check back often for travel updates.

I also understand the convention was purchased from F’nngzz Sn’ddfnjj who has been running successful one day conventions on the red planet’s surface since 2006 and he/she/it will continue to work with his new Wizard overlords on the new show. Naturally Wizard have offered to fly me out, to report on the event. And even though the return trip would cost three billion dollars, you can be assured that won’t affect my journalistic independence when reporting on the convention.

However I understand that any Reed representatives seen attending, will be ejected into the vacuum of space.

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