Tuesday Runaround – Diamond Down, Robbins Up, Love And Commerce In The Air

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FilmWatch: Tim Robbins has been cast as Senator Hammond, Hector Hammond’s father in Green Lantern. Robbins’ previous comic-based film? Yes, that would be Howard The Duck.

DiamondWatch: Diamond Comics Distributor’s website went down yesterday, and a number of retailers were unable to make their usual calls. Was this the end of the comics distribution of all time, toppled by the impending emergence of the Apple iPad? No. It was a power cut. Normal service will be resumed soon… snow willing…

LoveWatch: Marvel are shilling for “Last Chance Valentine’s Day items” on their website. Including this women’s t-shirt and this charming skull pendant. It must be love.

MediaWatch: CNN look at the current commercial vogue in translating comics to movies, and quote some limey wannabee along the way. Blimey, they must be desprate.

PR Watch:
The NY Times segue from the Twilight Graphic Novel (by the way, currently at 55% off from Amazon, with free shipping on combined orders, that’s comparable with the price a comic shop would pay from Diamond) to the Dark Horse graphic novel Trouble Maker by mystery writer Janet Evanovich, continuing her best selling Motor Mouth series. Effective PR there, Dark Horse people.

LocalWatch: Republican-American profiles cartoonist Jerry Craft, creator of the Mama’s Boyz strip, as he visits his local Naugatuck Valley Community College on Wednesday.

LocalWatch2: And the London Free Press go to town with local Canadian boy Jeff Lemire, who is signing at the LA Mood store this Saturday.

The Opposite Of LocalWatch: The National Post profile comic book creator Rabindranath Maharaj’s use of Toronto as a backdrop to his new comic book-obsessed novel, The Amazing Absorbing Boy. Hmmm. That’s worthy of a larger article I reckon… looks liek we may have a new Kavalier & Clay on our hands.

AvengersWatch: And thanks to 3MillionYears for the following exclusive revelations over the new Avengers lineup…

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