Jennifer Contino Leaves Comicon. Not Sure Where For.

Jennifer Contino Leaves Comicon. Not Sure Where For.

Posted by February 5, 2010 Comment was one of the earliest big brand comic book websites, hosting both the likes of Newsarama and Heidi MacDonald’s The Beat, before both left for pastures new.

And for several years Jennifer Contino has been writing news reports for the site. However, I understand she has now left, owed a tidy sum of money going back many months.

Set up by Steve Conley and Rick Veitch in 1998, was intended to be the online equivalent of a comic book convention, offering many creators and publishers their own booth space at a time when creating your own web page was hurdle enough. Comicon enjoyed early popularity and for a time was the leading comic book website in the industry. But other sites grew in different directions, found funding and new audiences. Against the growth of Comic Book Resources or the funding of Comics Alliance, Comicon seemed to wilt.

As it stands, the news section of the site is receiving rare posts, and Contino’s last post was in mid- January. However it’s worth noting the message board is still the hive of activity is has always been.

The item that owners of are sitting on that might really guarantee a payday is the domain name itself. Since it was first registered, San Diego Comic Con has become a truly mighty force in pop culture, and Wizard seem to be throwing their money at any random city to gain ownership of the term as well. And Reed would be interested, I’m sure. High six figures… or maybe seven?

But for now, if anyone is looking for a hard working reporter with a tonne of experience and contacts in the comic book industry, reaching out to Jen Contino might well be in your interest.

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