Friday Runaround From Cambridge To India

Friday Runaround From Cambridge To India

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PaperWatch: The Guardian ask if the existence of Kick Ass will make Spider-Man 4 redundnant – and describe Kick Ass, rather wonderfully as

Matthew Vaughan’s forthcoming adaptation of the little-known John Romita Jr comic book

Which makes a nice change, no?

UniWatch: Cambridge University launches a new institure to study children’s literature, everything from Victorian classics to computer games, comic books to… Twilight. See? Now Twilight is destroying Cambridge!

But what headline do The Times go with?

Ker-Pow! Cambridge literature centre is to study comics and blogs

Of course.

IndiaWatch: Just as in the US, film makers have found comic books a a valuable, easy and cheap way to express ideas, so the Bollywood market is waking up to the same possibilities in the Indian comic market. Publishing house Westland Limited is talking to filmmakers Anurag Kashyap and R. Balakrishnan to develop a series of graphic novels.

I wonder if they’ll be late.

WildWatch: Artist Tim Seeley has been sharing some of his thoughts and designs of upcoming Wildstorm characters on the Wildstorm blog, The Bleed.

He tells us;

Maxine is gonna be my diesel robot Suicide Girl.  My biggest Ladytron pet peeve? A lot of artists don’t get her mouth right. The metal thing IS her bottom lip!

But what has she got under her kilt, Tim?

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