Thursday Runaround - We're Still Standing

Thursday Runaround – We’re Still Standing

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MausWatch: Art Spiegelman is to give a lecture at the Anita Tuvin Schlechter Auditorium on the Dickinson College Campus, Carlisle, Pennsylvania today at 7pm on the evolution of comic books and their value in society, as part of their Morgan Lecture series. I’m told that the event has attracted so much attention and so many sponsors, that they can’t fit all the logos on the poster.

SentryWatch: After yesterday’s Avengers spoiler, we were reminded of this scene from New Avengers

Sentry, will you please just stop doing that? It’s not big and it’s not clever.

EarthWatch: The Guardian asks if the creators of Logicomix should move onto the climate change controversy as a subject for a new graphic novel.

It’s as if, having made the great populist gesture of working in the medium of comics, graphic novelists feel free to bring in ideas without the timidity you see elsewhere today.

PaperWatch: We ran a story about the Chicago Tribune getting thinner, and the same it seems is happening with the LA Times. Losing an inch from the side of the page is causing havoc with the comic strips. Especially with the addition of a banner ad to squash things even more. And the LA Times itself lists a litany of similar complaints

I applaud your reducing the physical dimensions of the paper: the smaller page makes it easier to read at the breakfast table. But the commensurate reduction in the dimensions of the comic-strip panels — already reduced more than they are meant to be in reproduction — is verging on the absurd. Any smaller and I’ll be forced to use the magnifying glass that came with my 2-volume OED.

MovieWatch: On Tuesday, Time Warner Inc. Chairman & CEO Jeff Bewkes mentioned during the company’s quarterly earnings call that DC Entertainment will be announcing big superhero movie news.

We are going to have a fairly interesting set of announcements and presentations pretty soon like in a matter of weeks, I think, about our plans for DC. And basically if you look across the title of the whole band of hits whether it’s Batman, The Dark Knight, Green Lantern coming up, Superman, there have been a huge number of franchised films that have been part of the Warner strategy that’s been the reason for Warner’s unparalleled high and consistent earnings advantage over the other studios and DC has already been a part of that and we are now going to outline an even more expansive plan for that in the coming months.

So basically, that means Wonder Woman. Finally. You know the success of Iron Man has really revived the supposed-second-string-superhero-movie market…

Although, given recent performance, I’d bet DC Entertainment will look away from the superhero rather than focus on them…

BleedingWatch: Yesterday had the biggest traffic of any day to date on Bleeding Cool. And our servers didn’t skip a beat. Most of the major film sites followed up on the Watchmen 2 story and Twitter was full of people going “NOOOOOOOOOO!” And then other people saying they’d probably buy it anyway. And yes, for conspiracy theories, it is odd that I hear this story just as DC announce they’re going to expand their superhero movie plans…

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