A Filthy Orphan by Nevs Coleman #1 – Selling Your Comics Made Easy

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Nevs Coleman has worked in a number of London comic shops, including Comics Showcase, Orbital and 30th Century Comics. He writes for Bleeding Cool;

Just for the record, this is me talking. Not representing any one but myself.

So, you’ve got the pile of comics that you don’t want anymore. They take up too much space. The child needs a spare room. Something requires you to lose the funnybooks in any event. Your first thought is “I’ll ring a comic shop. They’ll want comics!”

Well, yes, but sort of. The following is a series of hints to make offloading your long boxes of Fantastic Four, etc a bit easier. Mixed in with a bit of cold hard truth you might not want to hear,

To kick off with:

1) Ring first!

DON’T just pile into the shop with four bags of comics and hope! It might be that the shop doesn’t have a buyer in that day, or they’re not buying at all or they just don’t take what you’re selling. There is little more depressing than being told ‘no’ when the sinking realization that these lumps of printed pulp that you wanted to dump are coming back home with you.

Instead call the shop up (Usually Sundays to Tuesdays are their deader days.) and say ‘I have some comics to sell..’

Which leads us to

2) Have a list.

I swear to God, The amount of phone calls in my life that go like this:

‘I want to sell my comics.’
‘Okay mate, what are you selling?’
‘Comics. What are they worth?’
‘Er, which ones?’
‘Oh, old ones. Old Spideys. Iron Mans, innit? How much are they worth?’
‘Right. Er, what period are we talking?
‘……What issues of Spider-Man do you hae, mate?’
‘Old ones!’
‘Look, do you think you could make a list of the comics you’e got and send it to the shop? Then we can go through it and tell you if we’re interested in buying them.’
‘Nah, mate. I’m on my way in now.’
‘But, there isn’t a buyer in now, man. Een we did want them.’
‘Do what?’

Make both our lives simpler.

Call up and say roughly what you’re trying to shift. 1970’s Beanos, Rob Liefeld’s X-Force. a full run of Watchmen and about 3 long boxes of American stuff from the 80’s. Then we can say ‘Okay, send us the full list.’

Make a list which says the following:

The titles you want to sell.
Which issues you have.
What state they’re in. No one’s expecting CGC grading from you, but something along the lines of ‘All pages, no coupons clipped, no distinct flaws.’ would be helpful.

Once the mail’s sent, DON’T PANIC IF YOU DON’T HEAR ANYTHING FOR A FEW DAYS. Trust me, there are always a lot of people selling comics. Leave it a week or so before a follow up call.

London going rate (unless it’s the book and comic exchange) is roughly a third cash or half in trade for good stuff.

And that’s pretty much it, except to tell you this fact. A fact that ought to be graven in stone.

Okay, okay. I’m wildly overstating. There ARE some issues that are wanted. Any of the Big Dave issues. And the Burger Wars issues. Oh, and the first ten or so. But beyond that, there are piles and piles of that bloody comic across the world. The good stuff has been reprinted into next week and infinity.


Hope this helps.

And that’s pretty much it.

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