Stan Lee Announces He'll Make Two Announcements At Wizard World Anaheim Comic Con

Stan Lee Announces He’ll Make Two Announcements At Wizard World Anaheim Comic Con

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Stealing a play from Mark Millar’s book, Stan Lee has announced he is to make two announcements at Wizard World Anaheim. We do not know what these announcements are but I’m sure we can start making guesses.

Maybe a new Zac Efron comic book in which Zac Efron plays a blancmange loved by cheerleaders. “When I was at high school,” Stan Lee will say, “I always felt like a blancmange. Now I get to create that in a comic book – and make it look like Zac Efron! And be loved by cheerleaders!”

Or possibly he’ll announce his own version of the Apple iPad. “I call it the iStan. It alliterates everything you try to write and when you read books on it, you’ll hear my voice narrating every one. Try the Karma Sutra, it’s sextastically sensational!”

Also, apparently James Marsters of Buffy fame will be showing everyone that he doesn’t have an English accent (though the English already knew that) at Wizard Worlds Philidelphia, Chicago and Austin.

They’re calling it a Wizard World Tour, everyone. I think they mean it.

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