Joining Up The Dots Of The Avengers Revamp (UPDATED)

Joining Up The Dots Of The Avengers Revamp (UPDATED)

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All the Avengers titles have been cancelled. And the line is getting a revamp the month afterwards. But what, where, who, how, whither?

Avengers Academy by Christos Gage and Mike McKone will replace Avengers: The Initiative. That’s a given.

Well, John Romita Jr recently wrote;

I will be on a monthly, and a few creator owned projects for the next year, or so, so Spidey is not in the offing for that amount of time. I will get back on a Spider-man title again, some time in the future.

I miss the character when I work on something else….although Spidey will be in the monthly title I am beginning.

Well, that sounds like a New Avengers revamp doesn’t it? Newer Avengers? Especially when Brian Bendis tweets;

one of my all time fave artists handed in an issue of a book i wrote today and it’s perfect. an artist i’ve never worked with before.

Might we see a Brian Bendis/John Romita Jr central Avengers book in the offing? Maybe they’ll even follow Amazing Spider-Man in the three-times-a-month scheduling.

And remember Bendis has told us “But even the way the books will be printed and everything will be different, and that I’m excited about.”

Well we do know of an Avengers book by Bendis and Stuart Immonen, in which McNiven is involved for the “long haul

And a potential Thor/Iron Man one shot from John Romita Jr as well? We are potentially-spoiled.

UPDATE: Looks like we bagged ourselves a good ‘un!

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