Saturday Runaround – From Pandora To Dominon To Halifax

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SmurfWatch: Okay, Avatar has been accused of swiping everything from Pocohantas and Dances With Wolves to The Word For World Is Forest and Deathworld. But similarities to 2000AD’s Firekind from 1994 are quite eery. lists a bunch of similarities…

Botanist Hendrick Larsen arrives on the planet Gennyo-Leil, to live among the native Kesheen and explore the world – home to the Firekind, huge dragons full of miracle drugs that make humans young and virile again. Larsen needs to wear something called a Filter:Mask at all times, since the atmosphere of Gennyo-Leil kills humans. After watching the Kesheen have weird, unsettling alien sex practices, Larsen is blamed for several massacres and cast out, to die alone. What happens next is the weird drugs in the atmosphere re-wire Larsen’s brain, letting him join a tribe of outcast natives (outcast for having kinky sex, in case you needed to know) and share in their psychic link. Pretty soon a band of sadistic mercenaries show up (having framed Larsen for the earlier atrocities, intent on killing all the Kesheen and stealing their dragon-drugs. Backed into a corner, Larsen has no choice but to summon the destructive all-god of the planet, turning wildlife and a massive colossus against the human fleet and turning his back on his own species.

Oh and there are floating rocks.

SethWatch: Tomorrow at 1pm, Seth is giving a personalised tour of his new exibition at Museum London in Canada. Dominon is a fictional city created by Seth, 60 model buildings, with journals, character studies, tourist guides and a portrait of the fictional city’s fictional founder J Morgan Smith.

It’s intended to take aspects of early Canadian cities and recreate them, which began as a graphic novel but instead became architecture instead.

Buildings include the Royal Canadian Legion, St. Henri of the Woods Thrift Shop, the Canadian Toboggan Company and the Canada Tavern.

The exhibition continues until March 14th and admission is free.

StoreWatch: It’s the dream of every comic bookstore manager. For their mother to open a shop two doors down.

CAROL Shaw turned her back on a banking career to launch her own business in the Piece Hall, Halifax, – just two doors down from her son. She has opened Individual Designs, creating soft furnishings and interiors and restoring small furniture. Mrs Shaw, whose son Simon runs Legacy Comics, worked for the Halifax for 12 years before moving to Calderdale College.
There’s no chance that will ever be awkward, right?
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