Oxford’s Last Comic Shop To Close – With A Bash!

Posted by January 29, 2010 Comment

Fantastic Store went well over a decade ago. Oxford’s Comic Showcase went a few years ago. And now it’s time for Oxford’s last standing comic shop to close its doors.

Videosyncratic wasn’t even a focussed comic shop, it was a DVD/video rental store, one of the only three such independent businesses left in Oxford. But half of the shop sold a decent selection of comic books every week and essential bookcases of graphic novels.

And considering that Oxford is home to a comic-creating community, indeed hosting Caption, the UK’s longest standing comics convention, and a widespread culture of art, literature and learning that extends through and beyond Oxford University, it seems a crying shame.

But they’re going out with a bash. Videosyncratic will host a rock-bottom sale on Monday evening, with DVDs, videos and comics slashed to the bone, withe live bands playing, as they raise the necessary money to actually close the store.

Goodby Videosyncratic. We hardly knew you. And now it’s time to plunder your bones…

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