Angoulême - 24 Hour Comics, The Mute Pirate Editions

Angoulême – 24 Hour Comics, The Mute Pirate Editions

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Every year, Angoulême runs a 24 hour comic event for competing comic book creators.

. This year’s theme was “mute pirate comic” which a) means pirates! and b) means anyone can read them, whatever language you speak.

And they’ve all been placed online. A list divides the entries into professionals, amateur and students.

And there are a few familiar friends…

Darco Macan;

Lewis Trondheim;


And there are hundreds more to choose from! All free, all available, all in competition against the others. It’s an astounding library of comic books, all drawn in 24 hours and all available globally online. Happy reading.

You know, if you like pirates.

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