How To Get Yourself One Of The New Flash And Green Lantern Rings

So you saw the scoop on The Source yesterday.

But how do you go about getting on of these new rings?

Well, for a start, if you are a Blackest Night fan, you’ve probably already got the Green Lantern ring, as it was the same one given away as part of that promotion.

Basically any retailer that orders ten copies of Green Lantern #53 can order as many new Green Lantern rings as they like, one for each copy of Green Lantern #53 they order.

The Flash ring, of course, is new. And it’s the same deal, any shop that orders ten copies or more or Flash #1 can get order as many rings as they get copies.

So basically, whatever your shop, if you’re ordering a comic, you should be able to get the ring too. Just ask your retailer.

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