Monday Morning Runaround - Beano Beats Watchmen

Monday Morning Runaround – Beano Beats Watchmen

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FaceWatch: I shaved off my beard last night. Thought it would make me look younger. instead, I look like a potato. Diet starts today. Or maybe tomorrow.

WatchmenWatch: Titan Books grossed £1,000,000 from Watchmen-related books last year and three-quarters of that the year before. However the 2010 Beano Annual still outsold the revisionist superhero graphic novel…

TVWatch: The Silver Banshee, created by John Byrne, will be appearing in Smallville, played by Hard Candy‘s Odessa Rae. Wesley MacInnes will be playing Icicle.

AvatarWatch So, on what day will Avatar‘s box office beat Titanic? And have you seen some of the geek culture effects – guidebooks to Pandora, Na’Vi translation guides, YouTube How-To Na’vi Makeup videos and… well. Stilt-based costumes gearing up for San Diego. Forget Twilight, will Avatar destroy Comic Con? I’m planning a few fun pieces, do send in the oddest Avatar-related links you find…

TennantWatch: David Tennant is not your lawyer? Loks like the Doctor Who-star vehicle for NBC has been scrapped.

Peacock execs were eyeing Rex to possibly fill one of its post-Jay Leno Show holes at 10 pm this spring. But a source close to the show tells me, “The sets are coming down this week.”

GremlinWatch: Gremlins 3 on the way. Hopefully we’ll get a comic book licence out of it. Always thought Gremlins would be very suitable for comic book exploitation. Ben Templesmith on art anyone?

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