Brian Wood Promotion To Launch At DC Comics – DV8, Demo, Northlanders and DMZ #50 Special Guest Stars

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The solicitation for Brian Wood’s DMZ #50 lists the artists as Riccardo Burchielli, Ryan Kelly, Rebekah Isaacs, Fábio Moon, JP Leon and others. As well as a collection of DMZ self-contained short stories by Brian and the above artists, there will be one page illustrated text stories, by the likes of Jim Lee, Eduardo Risso, Dave Gibbons, Philip Bond, and Lee Bermejo.

32 pages worth, with a four page preview of Brian Wood’s and Rebekah Isaacs’s DV8 in the back, on top. DMZ is my favourite monthly comic book and this should be well worth the $3.99 tag. And it won’t be collected in trade for ages.

For those not in the know, DMZ is a comic set in a US ripped apart by civil war, with Manhattan as a demilitarised zone, chock full of excellent sniper nests. If you’ve never tried DMZ or you always wait for the trades, this is an obvious non-spoilery one-off.

Expect this to coincide with a big push for Brian Wood at the usual DC-friendly marketing websites, CBR, Newsarama, Comics Alliance, IGN, MTV Splashpage etc., publicising DMZ, Northlanders, DV8 and Demo #1, and potentially tied in with a benefit promotion for

Me, I just want them to give away this T-shirt with every purchase.

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