Sunday Runaround – Punking Neil Gaiman

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NeilWatch: Neil Gaiman’s punk band, Chaos, from 1976. That’s Neil, second from left…

DeCampiWatch: Comic book writer and Bleeding Cool columnist Alex De Campi has directed the latest video for Los Campesinos!, Romance Is Boring

LocalWatch: Shadowraith is a graphic novella in the fumetti style by Lincoln student Nicholas Dishington, shot in Lincoln and has been picked up by a Lincoln publisher and sold in Lincoln comic shop Comics World. Naturally it’s been promoted by the Lincolnshire Echo.

Rick Veitch exposes his 14 year old self to public scrutiny with this page from 1965…

GilliamWatch: Peter David wants you to see Imaginarium Of Dr Parnassus. Quite a bit.

See this film. See this film. See this film. Oh my God, see this film. See it. See it now. Stop reading this. Just go see it. Still reading this? What the hell is wrong with you? Go. Go now. Don’t wait for DVD. Don’t wait for cable. See this film. See it while it’s still in a theater near you. If it’s not in a theater near you, then move. See it. See this film. Go. Go see it. Go see this film. You know some films you should not see? This would be the opposite. Go see this film. Best Gilliam since “Munchausen.” See this film. Must see it. Must see this film. See it. See it now. CGI has finally caught up with Gilliam’s imagination. See it now. Good Christ, you’re STILL HERE? GO! Go, dammit! Go see this film! Now. Must be now. Do not wait because it might be gone soon. Go now. Go see it. See this film.


PS–See this film.

He’s right, see this film.

JoshWatch: Bleeding Cool’s own Josh Adams went to twar (twitter-war) with Newsarama over their frankly ludicrous list of potential nominees for the publisher position at DC Comics.

Josh Adams: Newsarama’s top ten candidates for taking Levitz place at DC is laughable…no, it’s the most ridiculous article I have read…ever.

Newsarama: At no point did that article say it was the top ten candidates. It was an op/ed of ten possibilities, strong and weak alike.

Josh Adams: It’s not the “top” part I am concerned with, it’s the misrepresentation of the industry that I have a deep respect for.  its not prowrestling, to the casual reader the idea that the EiC of Marvel might jump ship to DC is poor representation at best. people come to you for reliability, not random postulating without actual research. Don’t let them down.


LocalIgnoranceWatch: Comic books still exist, shock, according to the Miami Herald. And people buy them too, occasionally.

Sure enough, during a recent afternoon at Kendall’s popular A&M Comics, which features more than 80,000 comic books and 2,000-related toys, most customers who visited the store were in their early 30s to late 40s.

But those customers keep the industry alive, visiting comic book stores regularly to buy the comic books released weekly. Each year, Marvel releases 110 new issues. DC Comics releases about 80 issues. Another 500 independent titles are released yearly.

IndiaWatch: The battle of the big brands has started in the Indian mobile phone comic wars.   Reliance Communications, India’s second-largest telecom company, and the Cartoon Network will offer comics to Reliance mobile phone subscribers for one Rupee a day (2 cents). The service will also add Archie, Charlie Chaplin and Laurel & Hardy comics. This is in direct competition with Tata Docomo, offering Marvel, Disney and manga titles as Docomics for a similar price. Still no sign of DC… yet…

LateNightTVWatch: Some people have asked why I haven’t even commented on the Conan O’Brien/Jay Leno situation and, basically, it’s because I don’t understand it. The BBC tries to explain why, here.

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