Make Money Fast (Ish) With Comics: Continued

Make Money Fast (Ish) With Comics: Continued

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Running the link to the 70% off listing of the Nation X Hardcover volume in Bleeding Cool the other day seems to have pushed the book to be the bestselling graphic novel on Amazon right now.

Which, despite the wording, looks to contain 8 issues of Uncanny X-Men, X-Men: The List and the Nation X mini-series for the price or three or four comics,

And it’s an even bigger bargain for Canadian customers, but are there any other similar steals out there? Either to reduce your comics spending, buy more comics with the money you have or enable you to buy low and sell high?

And we’re looking for real bargains here.Half the listed price, minimum, which is the amount many comic shops actualy spend to buy the items. Any lower, and with free shipping, it actually pays a shop to order the books from Amazon that from Diamond. And for American customers, even though you’ll pay Canadian shipping, could still work out a big saving.

From, X-Men Forever Volume 3 TPB is at 56% off, that’s five issues worth for $7.41.

From, Hulk Volume 4: Hulk Vs. X-Force Premiere HC at over 50% off, down to $15.85 CND

From, The Sandman: The Kindly Ones at over 50% off down to £8.46

From, Deadpool & Cable Ultimate Collection Book 1 TPB at 52% off, down to $24.14CND

From, both Dark Tower: Gunslinger Born: Premiere HC and Dark Tower: The Long Road Home Premiere HC are both over 50% off each at £9.48

From, Kabuki Reflections HC down to $20.65CND, a saving of 59%.

From, Asterix and Obelix’s Birthday: The Golden Book over 50% off down to £5.48

From, V for Vendetta: New Edition, 50% off down to £8.53.

Any more spots?

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