Make Money Fast (Ish): X-Men Nation X Hardcover

Make Money Fast (Ish): X-Men Nation X Hardcover

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The current Nation X storyline in Uncanny X-Men will be collected in a nice oversized hardcover in the summer. $34.99 in the US, £25.99 in the UK. And naturally the Amazon advance order for the US is at a big discount, 57% off at $14.99. But somehow, somewhere, someone, the Amazon UK listing is 70% off at £7.69. That should be below cost, even for Amazon. Similarly at Amazon Canada, 73% off down from $43.99 to $11.91.

Odds are prices are going to rise when they realise what they’ve done. But if you’re in the UK or Canada, you could do worse than order a few now and slap them on eBay or even Amazon Marketplace.

And if you are a retailer, wherever you are, well, you could probably order them now for cheaper than Marvel will sell them to you later this year…

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