Which Will Win? Twilight Manga Or Michael Jackson’s Fated?

Posted by January 20, 2010 Comment

Entertainment Weekly cites a 350,000 first print run for the first volume of Twilight Manga. For the US sudience, this is big news.  Outperforming anything at Marvel or DC. Peanuts compared to the seven-figure-selling Asterix, mind. But will there be a fly in the ointment as far as Twilight Manga taking the No. 1 English language comic this year?

Frankly very possibly. Because Michael Jackson’s Fated from Liquid Comics is still on the horizon. And the intense curiosity from the media and [public regarding Jackson, so many months after his death, could make for a massive smash, a comic book actually written by Mr Shimone himself…

Place your bets anyone?

2010 will bring such fun! Hee hee!

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