Comic Book Supercouple Portmanteaus

Comic Book Supercouple Portmanteaus

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We now all know the happy news about GAIMANDA. But which other comic-related supercouples deserve their own celebrity portmanteau nomenclature? Let’s take a break from the usual snark and take the chance to celebrate some of the love in this wonderful comic book industry of ours.

Ben McCool and Heidi MacDonald – BEIDI.

As one comic professional said to me “Ben McCool? If I’d have known the bar was set that low I’d have chanced my arm…” Obviously he hasn’t been exposed, as I have to the exhuberant McCool charm that won over the nihilistic comic industry veteran and comics blogger Heidi MacDonald. Together they stride the bars of Manhattan startling everyone with their combined bizarre accent.

Valerie D’Orazio and David Gallaher – VALLAHER

The young and sexy couple. Both have their war wounds, working at DC, Acclaim, Harris and the like and now find themselves in demand, Valerie from Marvel and Gallaher from DC. Both will probably meet in the middle at Image. They’ve even appeared in Penthouse together – in a talking head kind of way.

Louise and Walt Simonson – WOUISE

One of the longest standing creative couples in comics, Louise Simonson best known for her Power Pack and Superman work, Walt for his Thor, Star Slammers and Fantastic Four. They work together rarely but when they do it’s a treat. A stalwart couple of conventions, you won’t be able to resist their geniality.

Karen Berger and Richard Bruning – BERNING

The power couple at DC Comics! Both Senior VPs, Karen heads up the much-favoured Vertigo, Richard Bruning is the company’s Creative Director, and as a result is ultimately responsible for EVERYTHING! Singly they would be a force to deal with. Together they’re unstoppable. They should so team up and fight crime!

Terry and Rachel Dodson – TERRACHEL

The penciller/inker team with a happy finish. Expert in giving the superheroines of the comics universe the right kind of curves, bounce and presence that so many fail to come close to. But it’s not just the ladies, their Marvel Knights Spider-Man series is a classic. And no wonder so many people adore working with them.

Alan Moore and Melinda Gebbie – MALANDA

The couple that came together through the pornographic book Lost Girls. Melinda has a strong protfolio of work, from the Where The Wind Blows movie to a series of feminist-focussed comic books and used to work at Titan Books back in the day, but it is likely that the mighty tome of Lost Girls with her new husband will be her major claim to fame. Until their next collaboration….

Shelly and Philip Bond – PHILLY

She was the British liason for Vertigo. He was a British artist who occasionally worked for Vertigo. It’s like one of those cross-continent office-based romantic comedies they just don’t make enough of, and naturally the Hollywood ending is that she took him back with her. The UK’s loss is the USA’s gain…

Amanda Connor and Jimmy Palmiotti – JIMMANDI

He writes, she draws, he inks. That’s what you call a loving comic book relationship. And with Amanda officially now a hot comics artist, Jimmy is going to have to do all that he can to keep up. Their finest hours have probably been Garth Ennis’ The Pro and the current Power Girl run.

UPDATE: Jimmy Palmiotti gets in touch to amend this entry with a much classier photo!

Bryan O’Malley and Hope Larson – HO’MALLARSON

The royal couple of indie comics. Him the king with Scott Pilgrim, she the queen with Chiggers. Fans can read and reread their comics reading into them all theb relationship gossip they wish. So it’s doubly fun. Their greatest collaboration? The Bear Creek Apartments webcomic…

James Robinson and Jann Jones – JANNES

She left DC Comics to be with her British boy on the West Coast. That’s dedication! And let’s face it, they are the classiest looking supercouple in this list, as far as these photos are concerned. Come one everyone, gown and tux up!

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