Avatar Plugs Of The Week – Anna Mercury Vol 2 #3 and Gravel #16

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Two Warren Ellis books. One drawn by Facundo Percio, the other co-written and drawn by Mike Wolfer. So let’s have a look at them.

Anna Mercury Vol 2 #3

By Warren Ellis and Facundo Percio

And yes, it’s Anna Mercury, with teeth and tits and guns and ammo fighting interdimensional vikings.

Years ago, Warren was going to do a Vikings vs Samaurai comic book called Morning Dragons, with Steve Lieber. It never happened.

But I like to think we might be getting just a taste of it here.

Available today in the US, tomorrow in the UK.

You know, someone’s bound to sell this as a movie soon.

Gravel #16

By Warren Ellis and Mike Wolfer

Just look at that cover. Look at it! Now look ait it again. Big Ben Clock Tower giving a right old shoeing, with bits of clockwork sticking out and all that.

As to the comic, it looks like we’ve got some sarcastic “yoot” female magicians getting in a little bit above their head.

You know, whenbever I read Gravel, I always cast Ross Kemp in the lead. Sadly, for Hollywood, they just won’t know who he is. Unless they watched that episode of Extras.

Available today in the US, tomorrow in the UK.

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