Kevin Smith Has Written All Ten Issues Of Green Hornet Series, Honest

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In an upcoming interview with Comic Shop News, available free in comic shops this week, Kevin Smith assures readers who may have become accustomed to certain aspects of his work.

I have a really bad reputation in the comic book community for being delayed—or delaying myself, rather—over and over again on books. There was a period after Spider-Man/Black Cat where I kind of swore off writing comics by virtue of the fact that I couldn’t guarantee a schedule for delivering scripts.

As for the adaptation process, taking his abandoned Green Hornet movie script and turning it into a comic, Smith states;

What could have started simply as, ‘here, take the script and let me see it when you’re done’ has become much more than that… Things would kick in, like ‘I remember in an earlier draft I had a scene involving Brit and his wife, so is there enough space to fit that in?’ Suddenly, you’re bringing something to it that wouldn’t have been there had you made the movie. And it’s not like I cut this out of the script because it was terrible. You cut stuff for time, but in comic book form we’ve got time for character development, and that will enhance any story. I’ve been looking at the breakdowns and going, ‘hey man, this scene could totally fit back in here, so I’m going to reinstate that scene.’

Which explains the length of the series, it’s more of an extended director’s cut of the non-existent movie. But it’s not a comedy, or at least, not a comedy in the sense that Seth Rogan is making with the actual upcoming movie.

When I was working on Hornet, we had kind of a different manifesto than Seth and Michelle have. I wouldn’t call their film a flat-out comedy, but it’s definitely more along the lines of Pineapple Express. There’s action, tons of it, I’m sure—but the first thing they’re going to think about rather than punching you in the face is tickling your funny bone.

Get more in Comic Shop News I guess. It’s free, why not?

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