Fox To Adapt Torchwood For The USA

Fox To Adapt Torchwood For The USA

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The first couple of series may have been roundly mocked in the UK. But they were a smash hit in the US, breaking viewer records at BBC America and driving a large audience to the cable channel.

Torchwood, adult sci-fi alien-chasing spinoff of Doctor Who was one of the very few shows to have a bisexual character in the lead, even if the bisexuality seemed to be catching, with all of the characters falling prey to its charms. And the third season, Children of Earth, is considered by many to be a modern classic.

Well, it’s now being reported that Fox has bought the rights to create their own version of Torchwood.

Fox famously aired their own version of Doctor Who in the mid nineties, which managed to kill any other chance of reviving the show for another ten years. There’s always the fear it could happen again.

But show creator Russell T Davies, producer Julie Gardner , the team behind UK’s Torchwood and the revival of Doctor Who are said to be producing the show with BBC Worldwide’s Jane Tranter, and you may see members of the original cast, including John Barrowman, who played Captain Jack Harkness.

Whether this is in Doctor Who continuity, no idea.


There are often fears that subtlety and depth are stripped out when the US remake a UK show. But, then again, this is Torchwood. So that’s not exactly a problem, is it?

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