Saturday Runaround - Casting Around For Chew

Saturday Runaround – Casting Around For Chew

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LaymanWatch: As Chew enters the New York Times Bestseller List, the paper interviews Layman about the book- and a possible film version.

Mr. Layman’s dream cast has two television actors, Ken Leung (from “Lost”) and Felicia Day (a little of everything if IMDB is to believed), in the lead roles.

MuseumWatch: The Northern Illinois University Art Museum is starting a comics exhibition next week, entitled Heroes, Villains and the American Zeitgeist. Curator Lynne Thomas, head of NIU Libraries’ Rare Books and Special Collections department says;

Comics were sort of a universal thing in the way TV or the Internet is for us

ProfessorWatch: Professor Bart Barty at the University of Calgary sees non-fiction graphic works as driving the comics market.

The typical person maybe only hears about a very small number of comic books in any given year, but those comics that they do hear about tend to be these non-fiction graphic novels and are usually ones that deal with fairly heavy subjects

VinnieWatch: You can hear me talking about Vinnie Jones’ new comic Noble on BBC Radio 5 Live here… at 02:56:40 in – they squeezed me right on the end! This story seems to have picked up speed, based on the original Bleeding Cool report, now at The Sun, The Guardian and The Evening Standard.

This has been the biggest week on Bleeding Cool to date, in terms of readers. Maybe we should start taking advertising from other people… anyone?

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