Is Martin Conaghan The New Mark Millar? – Burke And Hare Makes The News

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Martin Conaghan and Will Pickering’s graphic novel Burke And Hare has had a nice big splash in today’s Scotsman newspaper as well as a feature going out last night on STV, (the Scottish main commercial channel, not a form of chlamidia)

The graphic novel aims to dispel the romanticisation of Burke and Hare as graverobbers who sold their finds to the medical profession, instead revealing their activities as serial killers instead.

The Scotsman quotes from Alan Grant’s introduction saying;

It was a revelation to discover they were actually serial killers, vile brutes who measured the price of human life in pounds, shilling and pence, monsters for whom alcohol and smothering were the tools of their trade.

A gallery in the book  features additional work by  Frank Quitely,  Gary Erksine,  Stephen Daly, Dave Hill, David Alexander, Alex Ronald,  Stuart Beel and Lynsey Hutchinson.

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