Kids, Can You Spare $3.99? (UPDATED)

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After the Final Issues of the Marvel Adventures titles were solicited, Marvel have  announced the relaunch, like Ultimate Comics, just moving the words around, for Spider-Man #1 and Super-Heroes #1. New issue ones for the series aimed at the younger Marvel reader, but the big change is the price. Up from $2.99 to $3.99, not exactly easy on the pocket for what are meant to be entry level books for the Marvel superheroes line…

These comics are mostly sold on subscriptions. One consequence of the relaunch may be that existing subscribers will have to renew their subscriptions… at the new price. Either way being a kid just got a whole lot pricier. I remind you of just how much…

UPDATE: Okay okay, only the first issues, jammed pack with extras will be $3.099, the rest will be $2.99. And subscribers will probably get those extras for free. Look, it’s not my fault if reality doesn’t keep up with cynical expectation is it?

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