Gail Simone To Leave Wonder Woman? Hopefully Not Yet.

Gail Simone To Leave Wonder Woman? Hopefully Not Yet.

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After yesterday’s announcement that Gail Simone was to return to Birds Of Prey, and stay on Secret Six, some have wondered if this means that Gail Simone will be leaving Wonder Woman? The Comics Alliance lack-of-mention does seem quite noticeable. And with rumours, admittedly first stated on this blog, that Grant Morrison will be working with a currently-Marvel-exclusive creator on a Wonder Woman book, some have slotted the two together like a very simple jigsaw.

Truth is I don’t know. I don’t know whether the Morrison book is a new book, or the existing title. Gail Simone’s run on Wonder Woman has been very well received in almost all quarters, but a Grant Morrison run would in all likelihood sell a few more copies right now. Simone is also a long-time acquantance of Morrison, and so any changeover will have most likely have been agreed without any animosity.

But, as I previously pointed out, because the artist in question is still Marvel exclusive and has work to finish, Morrison’s run has been put back a while. So even if it’s true, don’t expect Simone to be leaving Wonder Woman quite yet…

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