Bomb Scare At DC Comics

Bomb Scare At DC Comics

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This afternoon, New York’s  Bomb Squad were called out to the corner of the DC Comics Building, to investigate a suspect package.

Bleeding Cool reporter Rich Lovatt was on the scene, putting himself in potential danger, tweeting;

7th Avenue round about 53rd street is completely blocked off around my office. Can’t leave the building per NYPD. What’s going on?

Ah – suspicious package on 7th and 53rd apparently. Bring on the bomb squad. Any DC Comics twitterers out there?

So we’re waiting for the bombsquad and trying to stay away from the windows. But…I won’t be able to see anything if I do that.

Still no bomb squad. Boring!

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Bombsquad guy has arrived

@RichJohnston NYPD Bombsquad investigating package opp DC Comics offices. Suspect someone is fed up with DC weekly serieses.

Bombsquad guy is now lying flat next to the packages for some reason. Don’t they have robots for this kind of thing?

He’s now cutting open one of the bags.

And so far the suspicious package appears to be full of trash. What a surprise!

And, that, as they say, is that. False alarm and apparently NOT returned Blackest Night covers!

Gawker was there too. But managed to miss the relevance of the possibility of blowing up a big comics publisher before Blackest Night is even finished. I mean that’s just shocking.

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