Tuesday Targets And Servers

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TVWatch: Comics books continue to play a leading role in the publicity for Fox’s Human Target TV series based on the DC Comic book (and graphic novel apparently)- especially the Peter Milligan run – while few people are talking about the disguise aspect and the identity loss being done away with. Here’s how Bleeding Cool reviewed the first script and first episode some months back.

LibraryWatch: Librarians look for graphic novels to promote during African American History Month, including Bayou, Static Shock and Martha Washington. It lookms forward to Kyle Baker’s Obama book and Ho Che Anderson’s biography on Martin Luther King.

BuffyWatch: As BuffyGate continues, Joss Whedon and Scott Allie step up to talk about their roles while Bill Willingham goes off-message and… everyone desperately tries to paper over the cracks.

FilmWatch: Peter Sarsgaard is the Green Lantern big bad, Hector Hammond. That’s it for today. Compared to previous days, it feels a bit lacking.

LocalWatch: Chad Boudreau makes the local Regina press by being picked to be one of the monthly competitors for DC’s Zuda competition with The Thunderchickens. And milks it for every cent!

JJWatch: Gugu Mbatha-Raw, who played Martha Jones’ sister, Tish Jones in Doctor Who, has been nabbed by JJ Abrams for his new spy-couple TV show, The Undercovers.

ServerWatch: This has been Bleeding Cool’s biggest week to date in terms of readers. Welcome one and all, and an especially loud shoutout to the servers for standing strong in the face of BoingBong, Fark and Whedonesque… well done you mighty technological beasts beyond my comprehension!

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